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Will a Bankruptcy or Debtors Court case help me with garnishment?

Yes.  If a creditor files a lawsuit against you, they can go to court and obtain a judgment against you.  Once they have a judgment, they can garnish your wages or your bank account.  Your creditors can garnish up to 25% of your gross wages.  When you file a Bankruptcy or Debtors Court case, the automatic stay will stop wage garnishment regardless of whether the garnishment has started or not.  In other words, if a creditor has already started garnishing your paycheck and taken money from several paychecks, filing a Bankruptcy or Debtors Court case will stop the additional garnishment of future wages.  Another option for a creditor is to garnish your bank account.  Usually you do not receive any notice ahead of time that your bank account will be garnished.  This can lead to checks that you have written on the account bouncing, overdraft fees, and other problems.  Bankruptcy or Debtors Court will also stop the garnishment of bank accounts.