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Chapter 7 (Straight Bankruptcy)

Chapter 7 is commonly called straight Bankruptcy.  With a Chapter 7 case, you receive a discharge of debts which means that the Court will rule that you do not ever have to pay back the discharged debts.  You can discharge credit cards, medical bills, loans, and many other types of debt.  If you owe too much on these types of debts, then Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be a good option for you.

Benefits of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

  • Stop creditor harassment, garnishments, repossessions, lawsuits, foreclosures, collection calls and letters
  • Eliminate credit cards, medical bills, loans, and many other types of debt
  • Keep your property and belongings
  • Reinstate your driver’s license

Qualifying for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Over the years, we have found that the vast majority of people who want to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case qualify to do so.  For those who qualify, Bankruptcy is a constitutional right.  Do not be misled by media reports which state that it is very difficult to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Even if you are in the small group of people who do not qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you may still qualify for Chapter 13 Debtors Court.

Discharge of Debts

The goal of Chapter 7 is to receive a discharge of debts.  This means that you will no longer owe the debts that are discharged and do not ever have to pay them back.  Discharge of debts in Chapter 7 provides a tremendous relief for individuals who can no longer afford to pay their bills.


People are sometimes told that they will lose their property and personal belongings if they file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  This is simply not true since there are exemptions that protect your property and personal belongings in the overwhelming majority of cases.  The Bankruptcy laws can allow you to keep all of your exempt property and belongings, such as your home, vehicles, furniture, appliances, clothing, jewelry, sports equipment, just to mention a few.  Most people do not lose any of their property or belongings when they file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Automatic Stay

The automatic stay is a powerful federal law which provides that no one can take any action against you once you file a Bankruptcy case.  Also, creditors are prohibited by federal law from collecting a discharged debt.  In fact, creditors cannot even attempt to collect a discharged debt.

This means that once you file a Bankruptcy case, creditors cannot harass you with phone calls or letters, garnish your wages or bank accounts, repossess your vehicle, file a lawsuit against you, or foreclose on your home.

Timing is very important with regard to handling these matters.  In order for you to take advantage of the automatic stay, the sooner you contact us, the better we can provide you with relief.

It is important that you have an experienced Birmingham Bankruptcy lawyer to help you through the Bankruptcy process.  The Biddle Law Firm will help you during each part of the process. We will give you quality legal representation for a reasonable price.  We offer affordable and flexible payment plans.  We have helped countless clients discharge their debts and receive a fresh start with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

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We offer FREE advice by phone and FREE appointments and consultations.